History & Background

The roots of PAL Education lies with our founder and principal, Mr Panha Pal. Mr Pal, originally a successful system analyst for IBM eventuated to a self-made entrepreneur in pursuit of his passion to reach out to people and provide products & services to better the quality of life.

On the request of many local students who had heard about Mr Pal's success and accomplishments in his school life, Mr Pal began to teach a handful of classes in 1990, during any spare time that was afforded. During 1990, Mr Pal was involved in the set up and provider of educational services for the Cambodian H.E.L.P (Helping Early Leavers Program) Project - a community-based student aid program running in Fairfield High School.

Eventually, the word had passed around, and Mr Pal's classes soon grew populated, and there was a greater demand to hold more classes during the week.

This is where the story of PAL Education (a.k.a. Tomatec Coaching Academy) begins.

After various work in information technology and computing, Mr Pal had found his passion in educating people. During his IT profession, he was continuously teaching people in his managerial role, and this led him to realise his true passion in fulfilling the educational needs of students.

Thus, in 1998, Mr Pal established Tomatec Coaching Academy, a centralised place where students were able to receive the highly demanded educational services.

With the teaching of strong learning foundations and building of thinking skills, Tomatec produced an impressive array of outstanding scores from Mr Pal's students.

Based upon the requests of many families within the local community to extend the help and reach to students, Mr Pal founded PAL College in 2005, a private selective high school in Cabramatta. The niche school, which provided for a demanding quality of teaching and learning, conducted the HSC with its first group of Year 12 students in 2006.

In 2006, Tomatec Coaching Academy had changed its name to PAL Education. PAL Education extended its campus and ran classes across two buildings, one in Hughes St and the other in Park Road, to keep up with the high demand. The head office was moved to our Hughes St office to cater for space and accessibility.

Since then, PAL Education has been in pursuit of excellence in education. That is what makes PAL Education a leading tuition college in the South Western area of New South Wales.